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Ear warmers and bobble hats - Gateway Crochet

Once upon a time, I was scrolling though TikTok and seeing all these 'look what I have made in my first three weeks of crochet' videos where people proceed to thrust 12 perfectly made garments and blankets at the camera with a shy look of 'how did little old me manage this?! And, quite frankly, it makes me freaking sick. Well not sick, but very overwhelmed and shitty at my new hobby. The only thing I had made in my first two weeks of crochet were rectangles of stitch practice. Lets face it, they weren't even squares, they were all sorts of shapes - that straight edge was really getting the best of me.

I desperately wanted to just make something, to just have one completed project - so once again, because I am a glutton for punishment - I turned to TikTok. More accurately I turned to my favourite craft TikToker (I don’t know if that is even a word) Helena from Squish & Co - she told me, and I will forever take her word as gospel, the best thing to start with is a bobble hat. Its just straight lines and ribbing - once you have figured out what BLO means, the world is your warm and fluffy headed oyster.

So filled with unearned enthusiasm I grabbed the first ball of wool (or skein of yarn as proper crafters say ) a hook of indiscriminate size (bitch has no idea about gauge) and went for it.

Now let me tell my my dearest friends - it did not go well. My rectangle of crochet kept getting smaller and then bigger again, and then smaller - you get the gist. I had no real consistency of stitches. Let me make this very clear - the length I will go to not have to count is truly extraordinary ('You should have picked a different hobby then', I hear you sarcastically mumble to you self to which I will say two things - 1) you are probably correct. 2) mind your goddamn business!)

But could I hold a straight edge for 5 rows? Yes, yes I could.

Enter the saviour of all - the ear warmer!

What's that you say? A foundation chain and 5 rows of back loop only? Nailed it mate!! Then just make one end and eat the other and tie them off. Did that first one look a little like a butthole? Yes, yes it did. Did the next four look funky as hell? No, no they didn’t.

Spurred on by the rip-roaring ear warmer success it was time to move on to my white whale - the goddam bobble hat.

One Youtube video later to tell me all about a turning chain (a goddamn turning chain. Life changing information!!!) and how to make straight edge and there was no stopping me - my biggest brag in life? I can make 3 bobble hats in a week mate!

You best believe that EVERYBODY in my life received either a bobble hat or ear warmer for Christmas that year.

Buoyed on by the rampant success I have since gone on to make many other things, including teddies and there is only more to learn. Basically what I am saying is that if you feel overwhelmed by everybody else abilities and achievements, stop comparing yourself, pick something small and just start.

As a by-line, I urge to to head to Squish and Co on TikTok for all things fun and yarn. Also the pattern for ear warmers i used can be found here :

Also, please enjoy this picture of my baby bean enjoying her ear warmer - which I have to admit is far too wide for her little head, but damn it - her ears are nice an warm!

child wearing handmade ear warmer

Good Hooking, friends.

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