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My name is Kerri, and I am a crochet addict

Here goes nothing.

For this inaugural blog post I felt it prudent to tell you a bit about me, your utterly uneducated and unprofessional host.

My name is Kerri and I am 35 years old. I have two daughters, one 16 and one 8 and i work full time for a leading building society, so a lot going on in day to day life!

Many hobbies have passed through my life. I remember being about 8 when my nanan showed me how to knit, a hobby that has always come and gone but it never quite scratched that hobby itch.

For a short while I took up paper cutting, as inspired by Kirstie Allsops Handmade Christmas. Turns out that amount of injuries much outweighed the amount of beautiful handmade cards to gift to people.

Embroidery was a big one - I love embroidery, the way I can make something utterly unique but the issue, i found with embroidery, is that i do not possess a single artistic bone in my body!

Then a family holiday to see my grandad in law led to a gift of my late grandmother in laws knitting bag (a proper old fashioned one made of fabric with the wooden bars as handles) and quietly nestled amongst the knitting needles and patterns was a singular crochet hook. Enter Laura, one of my dearest friends and Yoda to all things crochet and knitting - with the patience of a saint she gave me a crash course in the fundamentals of crochet and is always at the other end of a Facebook messenger thread to clarify any confusing patterns that my dyslexic brain cannot handle.

So why crochet? Because it is the best. Its just one hook and a flick of the wrist, no big needles to get suck up the sleeve of my dressing gown with every stitch. I can make anything I want with a good pattern (and lot of practise) from clothes to decorations. Teddies to baskets. The world is my woolly oyster. Do I have the occasional deluge of self doubt that I cannot finish a project, or I shouldn't even start it because I'm not good enough? Every day! But what does it hurt to try? The results are often pleasingly surprising. Now that's not to say I don't have a treasure trove of  messed up or abandoned projects in my bag, but hey, lets not judge! We are all just trying our best.

Really what I want from this blog is to find a community among people who enjoy the same thing as I do, mainly because  I can see my partners eyes glaze over every time I speak to him abut anything crochet related.

Oh, and jut a quick heads up, crochet is no longer just for grannies, so this blog may ( absolutely will) contain some less then fresh language.

For now, I leave you with a picture of a basket I made out of wool to hold all of my other wool, and me looking smug about the afore mentioned basket!

Happy hooking, friends,

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