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Colorful yarn

 Hooks for the hopeless

Crafts for the perpetually restless 

Hooks for the hopeless is my very own passion project hopefully filled with interesting yet quite frankly useless content. Explore my site and perhaps my blog will spark inspiration in your life. So, sit back, relax and read on.

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Crochet is not just for Grannies. N.B - All Grannies welcome!

Am I qualified to be giving any type of advice of matters of the wool? Quite honestly the answer is no. That is why I will be giving no advice, no handcrafted patterns to share with you, just an over abundance of enthusiasum which I plan to share with anyone willing to read! Join me, a helpless fool, trying to learn something new! 

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Granny Squares - My crochet nemesis.

Hello friends! It seems to me that granny squares are a big deal in the world of crochet. From the quintessential granny square...

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